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Business Funding

Traditional factoring is a great tool for managing the cash flow of your business. Factoring can be help you get the most from your business model, stimulate growth, and keep your staff paid.

Keeping your business running takes cash. Extended payment cycles can turn the funding you need into the type of a financial strain that stifles business growth and prevents you from achieving your objectives. Traditional factoring companies are there to help your business succeed, but what happens when the the percentage they offer is simply not enough?

That's when Factor Plus comes in to factor the balance. Traditional factoring companies typically factor up to about 80% of your invoices. If you need more funding, Factor Plus will factor an additional 5%-20% to make the deal work for you.

We work directly with your primary factoring company to make the process quick and seamless. By working this way we ensure that our additional funding does not interfere in any way with your primary relationship. We already work with many factoring companies, and we start new relationships everyday!

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